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Beta Foster Care

Address: Suite 4, First Floor, Avenue House, Greenwell Road, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham DL5 4DH U.K.

Tel: 01325 328 333


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Founded in summer 2012, we are a small, family and staff team focused fostering agency that partners with local authorities across Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington and Cleveland to provide high-quality care, within resilient and loving homes, to local children and young people who are unable to live with their birth families.

From our very first day, we have worked tirelessly to maintain standards of excellence that we are delighted to report earned us an Ofsted rating for overall performance as ‘Good’ during our very first inspection just over a year later, in 2013.

As someone who may be reading about us here whilst considering a new career in professional fostering, we share this with you not so much as a ‘badge of honour’, but to reassure you, as we know that deciding to open your homes and lives to care for other people’s children comes with some anxiety about all the unknowns.

We want you to feel confident about discussing your fostering aspiration with our close-knit, dedicated team, knowing that our professional practice and integrity and absolute commitment to first-class support for our foster carers has been independently verified. Every one of the Beta Care Fostering team, which includes all of our staff members and all our foster carers, are deeply proud of our achievement.

Now we are keen for new foster carers to join us so that together, we can provide immediate help when it is sometimes needed as well as long-term, nurturing support to vulnerable children and young people within our area for whom a return home may not be possible.

We are also happy to consider experienced carers and those with children and young people in placement, who are entitled to transfer with you. At this time, we are particularly looking for people who can look after children aged over 5 years, whose earlier lives have been traumatic. Our close work with our consultant psychologist provides the best means of helping our young people to overcome these experiences.

No formal qualifications are required to join Beta Care Fostering, but comprehensive training and 24-hour support will equip you to participate as an important part of a deeply experienced group of practitioners, managed by two of our founders and directors, Marie-Rose and Ian Gregg.

Together, they and the team will offer you a fostering assessment of very good quality, guiding you carefully through an insightful journey that will highlight your strengths gained through your own life events, and discussing how you can use these to more deeply understand the needs of young people and to parent them effectively.

Foster carers are some of the most special people in British society, and to do justice to your enthusiasm and generosity of spirit, we work hard to ensure that assessments are presented to the Fostering Panel well within the required timescales, which we achieve consistently.

This strong culture of professional excellence is shared by the whole team which includes all our foster carers. We can see how this contributes to the exceptionally high level of school attendance by our young people in school or at college, but of course, we don’t take all of the credit for their academic achievement! But it is evident that our team-wide commitment maximises their opportunity to achieve. This is something that we all love to celebrate and find extremely validating. We love the children that have been entrusted by local authorities into the homes of Beta Care Fostering approved foster carers, so naturally we take great delight in their achievements!

Our reputation with our partner local authorities is sound, and based upon our reliability, consistency, and the close attention with which we match young people to our foster carers. When we make a placement with you, you will be given all the information we have been provided with about the young people to help you to understand their needs and meet them.

You will have a dedicated point of contact, known as your supervising social worker, and they are professionally qualified and experienced to support you as you care for young people. Our foster carers tell us how positively they feel about being part of Beta Care Fostering and how valued they feel as key members of the team working with young people. You will meet with all the other foster carers and staff at least once a month at the “Biscuit Barrel”, which is our support group and feedback meeting.

Fostering isn’t always easy, but neither is parenting ones’ own children! Young people who are making sense of their pasts, and the world around them will push boundaries from time to time, and this is simply part of growing up. If this ever feels overwhelming, as a professionally trained foster carer you will always have access to the support of a bigger team.

As a Beta Care foster carer, you will be helping someone who needs you – and our foster carers often share many of the fun and rewarding experience that come along with this. So whether you are a brand new fostering applicant, just thinking about fostering, or an experienced carer looking for a change of agency, please contact us for an informal discussion.

We are friendly, never pushy, and would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. So, from Marie-Rose and Ian, our staff team, and our brilliant foster carers, we all very much look forward to hearing from you!

We continue to really enjoy fostering and get so much satisfaction from what we do. We think Beta Care is an excellent agency and always feel well supported by staff and other carers.

DP and MB

At Beta Care, we have a ‘Whole Team’, approach. From Director to Carer to All staff, everyone is dedicated to achieving best outcomes for all our children. Together We achieve!


My Supervising Social Worker is available anytime by phone, text or email – he offers solid advice- immediate support- and helpful suggestion. I wouldn’t be able to foster without him.


We have been fostering for just over 2yrs. It has been a positive experience with full support from Beta Care when we have needed it. We have a fantastic support group of carers and staff which meets once a month and have regular training.


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