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Banya Family Placement Agency

Address: Units 1, 6 & 7 Croxted Mews, 286a-288 Croxted Road, London, Greater London SE24 9DA U.K.

Tel: 020 8678 5330


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Banya Celebrates 20 Years of Service.

Founded in 1997, Banya Family Placement Agency is an independent fostering agency that meets a range of placement needs for children and young people, including siblings and parent and child arrangements. Banya supports foster carers in Greater London and beyond and we provide a high standard of mentorship for a range of children and young people.

Banya fostering celebrating 20 years

What sets us apart from other fostering agencies is our deep expertise in placing siblings together, and identifying well matched placements for unaccompanied children and young people from overseas, children with special needs, and troubled teenagers. We’ve been building our specialism over two decades of quality practice, which offers you the opportunity to join a fostering agency that are pioneers in our field.

Putting Foster Children First.

At the moment we are looking after 111 children and young people who thrive and blossom within nurturing placements. At Banya we work very hard to ensure all of our children have a strong sense of ‘belonging’, bonding well within their foster-homes and feeling part of their family.

This security enables children and young people to build resilience. It improves their confidence and self-esteem, and this in turn gives them the emotional space to think ahead to a future with aspiration and ambition. Schools express amazement at the progress of children in Banya placements, their improved appearance, social and communication skills, all demonstrating improved health and educational outcomes.

Local Authorities Partner with Banya with Confidence.

We have built strong relationships with local authorities based upon reliability, trust, and high quality of care, and this means we can offer a breadth of carefully selected and trained foster carers, enabling appropriately matched placements to be offered to children and young people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Local authorities value our proactive cooperation in the interests of the children and young people. Our focus on quality assurance and the best value for local authorities reflects each child’s strong development, growing self-esteem and sense of security and belonging.

At Banya, we know that placement breakdowns mean yet more abandonment trauma for kids who have already been through enough pain in their short lives. That’s why we focus on getting placements right from the outset. Our approach works. Our placement breakdown rate is lower than the national average. Our children benefit from care and support, for as long as they need. The local authorities we partner with comment on our foster homes as being the child’s ‘most permanent place for a long time.’ We’re really proud of this!

Become Approved as a Banya Foster Carer.

At Banya, we pride ourselves on really investing in our carers—but don’t just take our word for it! You’ll see on our web page here several genuine quotes from our foster carers that attest to this.

Children’s needs guide us in everything we do, including our preparation, assessment, support and training of foster carers in the early stage of your career with us. All foster carers are being trained to provide therapeutic care. This includes crisis intervention and other specialist training from a long-established professional training and counselling centre.

We offer much more, which we’d love to share with you in person, but we’d like to close with a well-deserved mention for our ‘buddy’ system, which enables our carers to support each other – something everyone takes great insight and support from.

Of course, becoming a foster carer does come with some requirements, and the absolute basics are explained here . But more than this, the ‘Banya difference’ is maintained by recruiting new carers from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups, who are able to offer commitment and understanding. Empathy, resilience, and a good sense of humour are great personal qualities for fostering, and will go a long way to ensuring your ability to support children and young people who are entrusted into your care.

A spare bedroom is a must (for a detailed explanation of why this is, see this article). You’ll need to be in good health, and if you also have some parenting or other childcare experience, this will be a helpful part of your assessment; though it’s not essential. However, motivation, and the time and space to foster certainly are! Foster carers make life-changing differences, and the emotional rewards that come with this are unsurpassable.

The Banya Training & Financial Support Package.

Whilst our qualified, professional team of supervising social workers will be on hand to guide you every step of the way throughout your fostering career, it is you who will make all the difference to our children. At Banya, we are clear that we want to work with the best, so we make sure that our carers have:

  • Full support from us, and continuous training (including NVQ)
  • Competitive allowances and fair payment for fostering
  • Good links with our experienced social workers
  • Support groups, and our forum for carers, as well as social activities
  • Membership of the professional association for foster carers

Seize The Moment. Call Our Friendly Team Today.

We are currently looking for new foster carers, with our focus being first and foremost upon the needs of our children who may, one day, be looked after by you! At the moment, we’re actively recruiting couples, people with experience of fostering, White British and single male carers. Keep visiting our web page here and on our website to find out when our recruitment events are being held – or simply call us today for an informal discussion on 020 8678 5330.

If you prefer, you can find out more information about who we are from our website: or our page on Facebook: or pop us an email to and we’ll get back to you with more details. We look forward to hearing from you!

As a foster carer for Banya, I feel I have access to plenty of support. My own dedicated supervising social worker takes my calls at any time, and even when it’s not urgent, she’s happy just to have me ‘check in’ with her and offer reassurance about steps and actions I am taking. She does this really well, and has never let me down. This is the reason I am with Banya.

BA, Foster Carer

Banya really feels like a ‘family’ and we all work so well as a team. The courses provided by Banya are so insightful and have been carefully selected to meet our needs as foster carers. I enjoy the training, we always learn much, and they also give us a chance to catch up with each other and ask questions of our supervising social workers.

NY, Foster Carer

Throughout all of my career as a Banya foster carer, they’ve provided so much support to me and my family. There’s meaningful and insightful training offered every month, and really experienced fostering social workers on hand to support me whenever I need it. My own mentor really goes the extra mile for me. I know I can raise queries and she will always get back with a guidance.

AF, Foster Carer

Since approval as a Banya foster carer, I’ve had continuous 1:1 and telephone support from my supervising social worker and this has helped so much in managing some challenges within my placement. She is available round the clock, always ready to offer reassurance which often is just the confidence boost I need to do my work effectively.

AM, Foster Carer

My supervising social worker goes into detail with me about children’s diagnoses and needs and this helps me to find effective ways of caring for them. The training offered by Banya has been very helpful; it has enabled me to gain knowledge and develop more skills in managing challenging behaviours.

IL, Foster Carer

Fostering for Banya provides a secure support system around me in order to fulfil my professional role. When I need support in any areas specific to needs of the children or young people I look after, or even for me and my family, my supervising social worker is available or another person is available on call no matter what time of day. Banya’s managers also approachable and keen to offer solution and resolution.

YP, Foster Carer

As experienced carers we feel a responsibility to offer our experience to other carers which we know offers a feeling of support and stability as we enable others to draw strength and creative ideas which can often be very positive. We are provided with great training to enhance our knowledge and skills, and of course, to keep us up to date Government changes which is always key in our role.

LA, Foster Carer

I’ve been a foster carer with Banya for over two years. During this time, I have enjoyed working with Banya and have excelled in my experience in caring for children and young people. I am privileged to have continuous training to help me keep up to date with new legislation and strategies in helping children and young people reach their full potential.

CE, Foster Carer

The support staff are helpful and genuine in their concerns for our wellbeing as carers not only the children and young people we care for. A helping hand is there when we need it most. They don’t get embroiled in bureaucracy and form filling before offering us practical help.

ME, Foster Carer

Even though the head office is in London and I’m in Coventry it feels as if I know the staff personally! There is a warm welcoming feeling when I speak to them. I would recommend anyone who might be interested in fostering to join Banya Family Placement Services.

NT, Foster Carer

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